Intro to the Internet

How to Create a Website -

This tutorial explains how to create a website, deploy it on a server computer and make it visible on the World Wide Web.  It describes two possible approaches: a simple method and a more complex approach that provides greater flexibility and functionality.

The tutorial explains what software and hardware components are required on your personal computer and on the server.  It also explains how to published the site to a server and make it accessible to people around the world via a virtual domain name.

World Wide Web - Conceptual Overview
World Wide Web - The Concept

The diagram above illustrates a personal computer on which a website is built and the server computer where the site is hosted.

The connection of the two is the World Wide Web or Internet: a series of hundreds of thousands of computers (depicted in the diagram as circles)

Each computer or "node" is connected to the global network (depicted as arrows) and uniquely identified by an IP Address.

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