Server Computer

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A server computer is computer that runs shared applications or manages shared data that is accessed by other computers (i.e. client computers).

By consolidating data or software on a server computer, the machine can be optimized for the functions it performs.

Some computer servers have web server software installed.  This allows the machine to receive and respond to "http" requests for web pages from web browsers that run on client machines (e.g. personal computers, mobile devices).

World Wide Web - Conceptual Overview
World Wide Web - Conceptual Overview

Other server computers may be optimized for running complex application systems while others may be dedicated to managing large volumes of data.

By distributing functionality across multiple machines, network performance can be optimized and hardware resources can be optimized.

Although it is feasible to attach a keyboard, mouse and monitor to a server computer and use it concurrently as a server and a normal computer, this is not normally done.

Server computers are normally dedicated for server functions and operated in a separate, secured and climate controlled locations.

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